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Competitive Edge President, Eric Kratz, squatting 551 lbs in the Classic Raw (198 M1 40-44) division at the 2016 USPA Pennsylvania State Championships.

Competitive Edge President, Eric Kratz, squatting 551 lbs in the Classic Raw (198 M1 40-44) division at the 2016 USPA Pennsylvania State Championships.

What kind of gym is Competitive Edge Power & Fitness? Let me start by saying that this is NOT just a facility for powerlifters. Now, it's true that many of us have been involved with the sport for a very long time. I, myself, have nearly 30 years experience as a high ranked lifter, and over 20 years as a coach. It's also true that our passion for powerlifting is partly responsible for the decision to open this facility... and that we look forward to sharing that passion with others. There is, however, much more to the mission here at Competitive Edge.

In addition to powerlifting (which could be best described as our optional in-house competitive outlet) we are interested in helping men and women of all ages increase their physical strength, and improve their current level of physical fitness. It does not matter if you are an elite athlete, or someone who simply wants to make a positive, health conscious, change in life. What matters most (and what will ultimately determine your success) is your commitment to improve. If you are serious about reaching your goals, we can help you.

One thing I would like to point out... the equipment at Competitive Edge is predominantly free weight based. Since we opened in 2015, we've added several specialized machines from EliteFTS, as well as some of cardio equipment... but if you are looking for wall to wall treadmills and/or isles of selectorized weight stacks, this will not be the place for you. Bottom line, whether you seek to become faster, stronger, more explosive, better fit, or any combination of thereof... we can help you accomplish those things much more effectively through the use of free weights.

Equipment aside, most people will find the atmosphere at Competitive Edge Power & Fitness to be drastically different from what is found at the typical corporate fitness center. This is not the type of facility where people come to talk, text, or troll for dates. Likewise, you will not find any "lunk" alarms here, or warnings for grunting, working with too much weight, deadlifting, using chalk and/or powder... or any other of the countless nonsensical rules that you'll commonly find at big chain gyms nowadays. We embrace the idea of training side by side with those who may be more advanced, as we believe this is not to be viewed as intimidating, but rather... an opportunity to be motivated and inspired. On that note, it would be fair to say that we cater to a specific type of person... the type who is completely focused on the idea of coming here to train and improve along side other supportive, like minded, people. At Competitive Edge Power & Fitness, we realize that atmosphere is everything, and we acknowledge that you are an individual, that you may have very unique training goals, and that you need every advantage possible to ensure your success. Providing that atmosphere and those advantages to you is always our number one priority.

The reason why bigger corporate gyms have no desire to offer you these things is simple. The business models at these types of clubs focus on large volume memberships, consisting of people who will not actually use their facilities on a regular basis... if at all. Yes, you read that correctly, they are literally betting (if not wishing) that the majority of their members will fail.... that they will sign a 1 yr contract and never show up. In contrast, Competitive Edge Power & Fitness is vested 100% in your success. We are interested in building long-term professional relationships with our clients, hearing about their goals, and guiding them toward the realization of those goals. Ultimately, we view your accomplishments and failures as a direct reflection upon us... and our reputation is something that we take very seriously.

Aside from providing a supportive family-like atmosphere, top of the line specialty equipment, and a very knowledgeable staff... we offer 1-1 personal training for those (ages 8 and up) who desire a higher level of instruction, motivation, and support. And when we say a higher level of instruction, motivation, and support, let us be clear. We are not talking about being trained by someone who paid $150 for an online open book test... just so they could be called a certified "expert". What I am referring to is the type of knowledge that can only come from a life dedicated to a particular discipline. It's not something that can be purchased, nor can it simply be learned from any classroom, or book. We are talking about personal experience at the National and International level by individuals who have taken decades to become true students of the game.

If what I described above seems like something you would be interested in, please feel free to contact me for more details... my email and phone number can be found on this page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Eric Kratz, President 
Competitive Edge Power & Fitness LLC

© 2023 by Tristan Kratz.

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