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Competitive Edge Power & Fitness Member – Jess K. Deadlifting at a competition.

As mentioned on other sections of this website, the sport of powerlifting is very close to us here at Competitive Edge Power & Fitness. Our lifters come from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels, but they all share two things in common…. an passionate desire to get stronger, and a genuine interest to help others who share that desire. At the moment, we have plenty members with prior competitive experience, and another large group who are currently in the process of training for their first powerlifting competition.


That’s 70+ powerlifters you can find training at our facility at any given time…  and that number is growing every month. Of those who have prior experience in the sport, 5 of our powerlifters have held (or currently holding) American and/or World Records in their respective federations… and several have experience at National, International, and Invitational competitions. This level of experience and success is rarely found in any one powerlifting gym, and Competitive Edge is extremely fortunate to have this much talent under one roof. We feel confident in saying that the success of our lifters is a reflection of the quality we offer… in our equipment, our atmosphere, our knowledge of the sport, our training programs, and last, but not least… the quality of our members!

Want more?


Our gym is currently home to the Pennsylvania State Chair of the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA). That being the case, we will be hosting several powerlifting competitions every year… both here at our Allentown facility, and at nearby hotels for certain competitions that are expected to exceed the space limitations of our gym. And because we are part of the USPA family and focused on bringing quality powerlifting meets to our area… we have the added benefit of having several members who are USPA certified referees. That’s right… we have 7 referees (1 International, 3 National, and 3 State level) who are available to help you make sure that you know the rules of competition, and that your lifts are technically sound at all times.

But what does this all mean to you?


As a powerlifter, you will not find any gym in the Lehigh Valley that is equal to Competitive Edge Power & Fitness. Our equipment is plentiful and second to none in quality, our staff and members have many decades of combined experience in all things related to building strength and power, and our atmosphere is unmatched in its intensity and support. Whether you are a novice lifter looking to try out the sport, or and advanced powerlifter seeking the facility that will take you to the next level… Competitive Edge is the gym for you.

Youth Training

Attention parents: Please don’t let your children spend all of their free time in front of the TV or computer! Competitive Edge Power & Fitness has come up with the perfect way to keep your children active, fit, and healthy… something they can learn right now, and carry with them for the rest of their lives.

We are currently offering youth training for boys and girls (ages 8 – 12). The main focus for this age group is to teach proper form and technique, while slowly increasing base levels of strength. Every child that participates in our program is given a broad understanding of how to train with free weights in a manner that is both safe and effective.

Benefits to this type of training include improved self-confidence (both inside and outside the gym) increased lean body mass, and an overall boost in the child’s level of physical fitness. In addition… strength training can optimize physical power, cardiovascular conditioning, speed, and explosiveness (attributes that are extremely valuable for scholastic athletes in all sports).

There is no need for your child to struggle when attempting to compete with those who may be naturally stronger. Increasing physical strength is the perfect compliment to the fundamental (sport specific) skills that all youth athletes are taught at every practice. Whether it be on the court, the field, or the mat… we can give your child the edge they need to be that much more competitive for the upcoming season. We also have reduced (low intensity) programming available, so that your scholastic athlete can maintain that edge during the ENTIRE season… thus avoiding the typical loss in strength that occurs after the weight training stops, and the season progresses.

For more information, please feel free to inquire about our youth strength training classes, as well as our 1-1 personal training for kids. Any boys and girls (ages 8-12) are welcome to participate in the youth program. Open gym time and personal instruction is available for teens, adults, and senior citizens, as well. Don’t forget to ask about our special family rates for those wishing train with their children, spouses, siblings, etc. 

Personal Training Rates

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Personal Training Options (Jay Orta)

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