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“Great facility outfitted with all the equipment you need as a competitive lifter. serious members. The owners are lifters themselves and were friendly and helpful. very clean facility as well. definitely recommend checking them out.”​
Nick Smith


“I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Kratz and training at his state of the art gym last night. The place is very well kept, and Eric has everything any powerlifter, bodybuilder, or general weight lifter could ever want or need to train with. There's everything from power racks, to bench presses, deadlift platforms, Texas squat and deadlifts bars, Duffalo bar, cambered bar, bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, you name it. Eric's facility is a powerlifters dream, and I would recommend it to anyone who can make it there to train.”​
Drew Irwin


“Competitive Edge is a great all around gym for any strength athlete. They have all the tools you could want to challenge yourself, an open facility for space to get your workout in, and most importantly a welcoming atmosphere with like-minded people to support and push you. I’ve lifted here a handful of times and I’ve never been disappointed with the way I was treated. The sport of powerlifting has a big family aspect to it, and the members of Competitive Edge follow suit. It’s nice to have a gym away from home that I can depend on, and be welcomed in to. I’ll be sure to go back every time I’m in town!”​
Ken Burns

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“Was looking for a place to grow with the sport i love and not be judged as my schedule varies. After meeting with Eric i found that my concerns were quickly put at ease. It's nice to in an environment as ours were everyone wants the best for you and others and quick to lend a helping hand. I loom forward to a long lasting journey with Eric , Jess and the entire family.”​
David Contestabile


“This is unlike any gym I've been to and even though it may have a small footprint it has a lot to offer. The environment is very welcoming with new clean equipment you don't typically find elsewhere. The patrons here are more like a small family as opposed to other big box gyms where people come to workout with headphones on and leave. From the moment I signed up at Competitive Edge, Eric and Jess both took me under their wing and now even though I've relocated still offer advice and support. There is so much this gym offers and if you're looking for somewhere that personally caters to all ages and skill levels this is the gym for you!”​
Steph Hanson


“It’s always a pleasure to come in and work with all the girls I workout with, it’s a Big pleasure to be able to work with Eric and have the support from everyone! I love this gym they aren’t judgmental they are so kind and supportive and they encourage you to lift them weights.”​
Victoria Mocciobell


"Absolutely loved the facility , the members and the employees. Came in to train the night before the gym was hosting a meet and Eric allowed us to come in and welcomed us with open arms. Can’t wait to be back ! ”​
Fina Grace


"Powerlifting. When it comes to wanting to become stronger, physically as well as mentally, I can't think of a better way than through the sport of powerlifting. I've been involved in the sport since 1989. and I have literally seen it transform lives by making people stronger, and more confident in themselves.

There are very few "real" gyms around anymore. The majority are large corporate fitness centers, solely designed to generate a large client base, period. You will not get any advise or guidance of any kind. The equipment is mostly machines with little free weight. Even if you ask for a "personal trainer" you will most likely get someone with very little experience, only leading you to no gains and a high probability of injury.

What sets CEPF apart are 3 things. The owners, the equipment, and the atmosphere. Eric has the knowledge that few have when it comes to increasing strength, staying healthy, and recovering from injury. His gym is outfitted with only the best equipment. The atmosphere is second to none, because you are surrounded by people that want to get stronger!

If you live anywhere near this gym, I highly recommend it."

Ryan Celi


“Eric asked me a little after I first joined in December & I wasn’t big on rating anything. Now? I still can’t rate this place. How can you rate a place that brought me & my daughters closer then we’ve ever been? How do you rate a place that asked if you wanted to compete? & then without saying a word! Made you quit smoking. Finally how can you rate a place that treats you like family? You can’t because without this place I wouldn’t have accomplished all this & so much more. If you don’t check this place out it’s your loss not mine because I guarantee one thing is that if your dedicated once you walk through those doors you don’t leave. You stay wanting more."​
Ira Bell


This is a fantasting gym with wonderful owners and members! Clean and top of the line equipment!! Powerlifting and strength and conditioning available. This is what a gym should be!!! Would recommend this place to anyone beginner or pro!

Lori Mattison


Worked out in a few gyms in the area. At CE, everyone has fun, is supportive, and we’re all making progress. Coaching is personalized, gym is clean, equipment first rate, feels like you’re part of a team. Training is adjusted to your ability or you can do your own thing. My life is better (seriously) because I go to THIS gym.

Neil Belman


Hands down the best gym I've ever trained at. Awesome atmosphere, quality equipment and Eric is a tome of knowledge. Highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting stronger or anyone who wants a place to start!

Ray Sparrow


Competitive Edge Power and Fitness is a great facility, equipped to fit the needs of all the public: from the special populations (pregnant women, injured people, victims of movement disorders), people who want to feel and look better to competitive athletes, they have what everybody needs. I highly recommend them.

Marilia Coutinho


Competitive Edge Power & Fitness exceeded our expectations. The establishment was well-equipped and professionally run. All of the employees were extremely supportive and kind. I cannot say enough good things about this business.

Susie Gooch


Easily the best gym around, only one specified for powerlifting and sports performance. Plenty of experience to learn from, and a great environment paired with great members.

Ivan Burgos


Within the few months of being at Competitive Edge, I have gained both physical and mental strength. More importantly, I gained a support system full of amazing people. If you are looking to get strong and be surrounded by like-minded people, this is the place to be. I am grateful to be part of this team and I look forward to continuing this journey!

Erica Lynn Longo


I’ve lifted at a lot of gyms over the years and it’s usually the same formula: show up, headphones on, and put in work. If that’s your style you can definitely do that here. Top of the line equipment and good atmosphere.
HOWEVER. If you’re willing to take off the headphones and get in with the evening training sessions, I GUARANTEE that you will be pushed past any limit you thought you may have had. You will get stronger, your technique will improve, and you will gain a family. It doesn’t matter what level you’re coming in at, everyone’s on the same level in there working toward the same goal pushing you all the way. Truly a unique experience that will take you and your training to the next level.

Jesse Carroll


Hands down the best gym for powerlifting and other strength related sports. The atmosphere is encouraging and everyone there has good intentions and wants you you win just as much as they do for themselves. Absolute top notch equipment and everything is well maintained. For anyone seeking to get stronger Eric Kratz will get you from A to B sustainably, I highly recommend pairing a membership with his guidance and programming!

Ingmar Centurion


This is hands down the best gym I’ve ever had the privilege of attending. Yes, the equipment is top of the line, but so are the people: this is an extremely welcoming group that really feels like a team. There are definitely some elite lifters here, but there are plenty of beginners too, and regardless of how much you’re lifting everyone is just here to get stronger which creates a unique feeling of camaraderie. I also highly recommend the group training service, which is an extremely affordable way to get individual coaching and programming from someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

John Harder


This is a great gym. Highly recommended. The owner is very nice. He and his family are super nice. They not only do power lifting, but they train members with their general fitness goals. It’s a family environment so don’t be intimidated by the weights and the power lifting, anyone from any fitness level is welcome.

Billy V.

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