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Powerlifting Competitions

All upcoming Powerlifting Championships will be posted here along with registration links when released by the meet director. Competitions are updated on here as soon as announced publicly.

USPC Jacked-O-Lantern Classic
Date: October 28th, 2023
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Competitive Edge Power & Fitness, 650 E Washington St, Allentown, PA 18109, USA
Link to Registration:

*Registration fee will increase 2 weeks from the date of weigh ins.

This is a sanctioned USPC meet offering:
SBD (Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift)
BD (Bench & Deadlift)
Bench Press Only
Deadlift Only

*Squat Bar for all Squats
*Power Bar for all Bench Press
*Texas Deadlift Bar for all Deadlifts
*Elite FTS Monolift- NO walkout will be required on squats for ALL divisions!
*Monolift on the platform ONLY.
*EliteFTS Competition Bench.

Gear Divisions: 
Sleeves (bare or knee sleeves)
Raw with Wraps (knee wraps)
Single Ply

Drug Testing
Lifters may choose to have their lifts count in the drug tested division for records and awards.  However, opting into the drug tested division does not guarantee that the lifter will be drug tested due to only 25% of those who elect drug testing will be tested. Drug tested records will only count in the drug tested division. This selection will remove the lifter from the non-tested field.

Weigh Ins:
Friday 9am-10:30am & 5pm-6:30pm
Saturday weigh ins by appointment only.

Lifter briefing at 8:15am
Lifting will start at 9am. 

Please keep in mind the registration is only for the meet. You will still need to be a member of the USPC. Memberships will not be sold at the meet. Purchase your annual membership at USPC Membership

Lifters are encouraged to read the USPC Rulebook.  

Meet Director: Johnny Layne
Email: Johnny Layne

© 2023 by Tristan Kratz.

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